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2018 Fall Registration


 Welcome to the 2018 Fall Registration!

Online Registration Instructions:

Players must register with USA Hockey before registering with Vikings Youth Hockey. Please go to USA hockey to register. Your registration confirmation number will be required to complete your online registration with the Vikings.

  • Go to
  • Click "Ice Players & Coaches"
  • Check the box and click "continue" if you are 18 or over
  • Select the 2018-19 season
  • Follow the rest of the step-by-step process online, remembering to save your "confirmation number" as it will need to be input on this Vikings Hockey registration system
  • Note: there is a small fee to register with USA Hockey. A credit/debit card is required to do so.

**You will then return to this online registration system and proceed to fill out the following pages and pay via Visa, Mastercard, Discover or checking account to complete the process.**  After completing this registration you will see a charge on your credit card for Vikings Youth Hockey.

If you have already completed your USA Hockey registration, then continue.

2018 Viking Fees

Registration Fees
The Earlybird Registration Fee is $175 for skaters and goalies of all levels. The Earlybird Registration will expire at midnight on July 31, 2018. As of August 1, 2018 this fee will increase to $250. The registration must be completed prior to being able to attend any tryout. The registration fee is paid at time of registration, and is not refundable once paid. 

Season Fees
Squirts - $3,500
Peewee - $3,600
Bantam - $3,700
Bantam Minor CSDHL - $4,100
Midget U15 CSDHL - $4,600
Midget U16 CSDHL - $4,900
Midget U16 NIHL - $4,200

All payment arrangements for 2018 Season Fees will be completed on Vikings Team Day. On Vikings Team Day, all necessary forms will be completed, payment arrangements will be completed, jerseys and warm ups will be sized for those that need to order them and spirit wear will be available. This will be the ONLY opportunity to take advantage of the 5% Payment in Full discount. The discount is only applied if the entire family balance is paid in full via check.

If you do not participate in Vikings Team Day, your child WILL NOT be able to participate in any team practices until these activities are completed. The only make-up time will be the following weekend (time is yet to be determined).



Vikings Right of Refusal of Service and Registration

In an effort to maintain the highest standards of sportsmanship and to demonstrate the Vikings as a leader in Illinois youth hockey both on and off the ice, the Vikings Youth Hockey Organization reserves the right to refuse or return any registration for participation in any Vikings Youth Hockey Organization programming if the Vikings Board of Directors determines said registration jeopardizes the goals and mission statement of the organization.  A sufficient basis of any refusal or return of registration may be as a result of past or present conduct by the individual attempting to register, or any member of his/her/their family, extended family, former marital relationships, or his/her/their social networks.
If an individual’s prior conduct resulted in any disciplinary action against the aforementioned individual(s) by USA Hockey, any USA Hockey affiliated organization/entity, any law enforcement agency or the managing arm of Arctic Ice Arena, or conduct which the Vikings Youth Hockey Organization Board of Directors deems to not be in the best interest of youth hockey, the Vikings reserve the right to refuse or return registration.
In the event the Vikings refuse or return a registrant’s registration, the Vikings will provide the applying customer a written an explanation outlining the decision. 

Please direct questions to:

Kara Kozar

Vikings Technical Support

Phone: 708-280-3994